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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Three mistakes of Dhoni, lost match for INDIA

After a long Pakistan visited INDIAN soil for a series (Last match was world cup 2011 semi-final). It was first T20 which Pakistan chased down a modest total made by strong batting lineup of team INDIA. Pakistan won the match by 5 wickets. There was many factors that favoured pakistan, includes some poor decision made by INDIAN captain Mahender singh Dhoni.

Dhoni had mistakes that cost INDIA the match. The captain make 3 big mistakes which are - 
  1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was let finish his over in single spell : Dhoni made mistake of finishing all the allotted over of man in great touch, in the single spell. He must bowled only 3 overs, 1 over must be preserve for last. Dhoni had different thought but it was not good.
  2. Kohli bowled continuously for 2 overs : Dhoni gave Kohli to bowl his medium pace which was a bad idea, kohli go for 8 runs and was looking much effective. Kohli must not have given to bowl again but he was, that cost 13 runs. It ease the pressure. Here jadeja should be given chance. 
  3. Jadeja shouldn't bowl the last over :   Though it was not easy to defend the low total and also if there is only 10 runs required of the last 6 balls. It would be fair if Bhuvneshwar Kumar was there to bowl but his quota was over, jadeja was given ball which make no sense. Yuvraj would have been tried instead of jadeja, who lack many things.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
, the young talent for INDIA must praise for his excellent bowling on his debut. He claim 3 quick wickets by giving just 9 runs in his spell of 4 overs. His bowled with good line and length, making ball swing in and out. His bowling get INDIA on a flying start but all finish bad in the end. His 3 for 9 in 4 overs equals the record for the most economical debut performance in the internationals Twenty20  Cricket (among who've bowled four overs).

INDIA need to remove Rohit and Jadeja from the team and bring back Ashwin to the playing eleven to make some effort tin the game.


  1. Dhoni is fu**ing A**H**

  2. i am very big fan of Dhoni...therefore only thing that i can say for India as a cricketing nation is "Mahendra Singh Dhoni should be sacked from all forms of Cricket with immediate effect" before removing any other player from the team.

  3. You were the same guys who would ve spoken so high about Dhoni when he won us the world cup. Guys he's also human, mistakes tend to happen. And its a game for god's sake be sportive.

    1. It's nothing wrong in pointing your fault, dhoni should learn from the mistakes to avoid such loss in future. Also if you get praised for something you need to listen bitter if you lost.

    2. You gotta blame Dhoni for the loss in the first ODI against Pakistan also???? If he hadn't scored that century India's score wouldn't ve crossed 150. I'm not a Dhoni fan or anything. All am trying to say is Its not fair to blame one person when the whole team performs bad. Just read the first two comments and reply to that.

    3. If Dhoni is not responsible for loss then the team also not responsible for it but as a leader you need to face criticism. Also criticsm is good so that it will improve the things, why only dhoni if any one would be captain in there, he have to listen it.

  4. Dude, I don't want to argue I'm just trying to make you understand that Dhoni is not a coach, He's a captain He cant go hold Kohli's hand and teach him to bat in ODI and not only in IPL. We can win only when everyone in the team contributes, c the 2nd ODI - the top order batsmen collapsed so badly, U want the captain to stand hit sixes and win the match because he's the captain that's absurd. He s the only Indian captain so far who takes criticism sportively, No one said criticism is bad until it is directed in the right spirit and for Mr. Rajeev how me criticizing u and ur ideas are not taken in the right spirit, same way u writing such posts leads to people who comment so badly like the first two guys and you ve also not removed those comments. That shows ur respect for the Team and its players.

  5. Write a post on all aspects on all the mistakes committed by all the players in the team that's sportiness, In a team of 11 pointing one guy coz he's the captain is not acceptable.

  6. Once upon a time, they (all Dhoni haters) said that.., Dhoni only plays for his average selfishness in ODI and they all also make a stupid challenge dat he can't able to maintain d same 50+ average in test cricket instead of congratulating him.. But now the God open all those idiots vision...
    MSD scores 206* of just 243 balls with an amusing average of 84.77 as like an ODI which includes twenty two splendid boundaries and five spectacular sixers...
    Where all the Dhoni haters had gone...? I think they all hide in the midst of evil's wall...
    Mind dat, we (DHONI likers) don't ever have the cheap "criticising job" like you....
    BE PROUd TO BE AN INDIAN and a MSDian...

    1. Great Mr. Rahul You are right as a skipper or a player u need to ready for taking serious comment on you rather than rejecting it and as an arrogant show attitude. No body says that Dhoni is bad player if he would have been like that then there may not a drastic player in the team of men in blue. Hope you getting. when dhoni perform all praises but when he do worst he is criticize by all. And about avg that is always a truth and nobody can deny them as Dhoni play for avg more than other did.

      All player has some merit and demerit on that basis people are fan or hater (as you says). No one is perfect neither Dhoni is so not go in sky keep ur in touch with ground else you will fly in unknown space.

  7. I am not a MSDian, in fact not a fan of anyone. I just enjoy good cricket, appreciate good fair play and support our team that's all.

    Rajeev Kumar Singh, Please read what Rahul has written and then give ur reply coz ur the owner of this blog and you have that responsibility. I second Rahul. What he's trying to say is do not blame and talk very low and cheap of Dhoni or any player just for loosing one match or under performing in few matches. Its a game no one can always be a winner one should loose keep that in mind and write thoughtfully and sensitively coz this is the INTERNET millions of people can c this even after many years imagine the impression they would have on you, for talking low about your own country's players.


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