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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

INDIA lost but we enjoy alots in our room

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It was great game of T20 for which I didn't go to office in second half. Enjoy the match from the beginning while cooking the "Chhola". I call +ankit raj  to my room and we met, enjoyed the great game together. Chandan made "samosa" today in mean while as i was cooking "chhola".

There were many enjoyable moments with shouting and excitement in when INDIAN team do good. In first half it was not much shout but second half had alot of noise made with high frequency of sound in shouting. First moment I remember was started chilling from the 4's of Rhane. Yuvraj singh came and gave straight away six, this too chill all up. We all +ankit raj and his friend Chandan, +Rahul Raj , +RAVIKANT KUMAR GUPTA , Chandan and Anurag with me were enjoying. 

A moment of laugh was there when Yuvraj hit a huge shot. When hit it we all feel it would go for a six. As We watching the game on internet on crictime, the video stuck a little after vuraj hit the shot. We all shot for six while +RAVIKANT KUMAR GUPTA says it still not clear he might get caught. Next was what we see Yuvraj got caught.

In second half we chilled on every wickets (offcourse 3) taken by Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Pakistan slowly bulit the innings and we had our food finished. We were hoping INDIA to make good bowling but nothing going well. We started shouting abusing making noise on the beat. Once a no ball was given as INDIA got the wicket we make high noise there. Anurag told to eat samos then we will get wicket and we got two and we hope the best. Last over was going Anurag stopped +Rahul Raj to drink water as it will had bad effect on victory. We lost the match with 3 tight balls.

Though it was loss but we had a good time with our friends. It was moments to remember in once life, only few time these happen. We feel good as we spent our time with friends and watch cricket together with fun.

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