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Friday, December 21, 2012

Gmail Field Trail : finds your vital mails from gmail in Google search

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In the search experiment, Google has introduced Gmail Field Trail, which has feature of pulling out some important mails from the Gmail directly in the Google search. Users can give a try to this Field Trail by accepting the it, after which email conformation will be sent regards to it (US user at Google.Com has fast acceptance).

Search normally on Google, the search result will provides useful information related keywords searched from the Gmail and Google Drive, You will find your emails and files from Google Drives. "you can find a lot more useful information from your Gmail when you search on" - Google wrote in Google+ Post.

The use of 'my' prefix with searching term in brackets will allow to get relevant information out from Gmail. For example, in addition to searching for [my flights], you can now search for [my purchases] to see a list of recent online purchases from select merchants and track the packages to see if they’ve arrived yet. Other terms are like - [my hotel reservation] or [my restaurant reservations], [my events]. 

The filed trail will be acessible on all device including iOS 6 devices and in the search box on home screen for JellyBean devices, where SSL is on by Default. The search experience will be sync on all devices.

Give this field trail a try and put your comments on how you like this new experiment search of Gmail in Google search. Is this good or bad for privacy?

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