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Friday, November 30, 2012

Jupiter will be closest to Earth during Opposition on 3 December

Jupiter the largest planet will be closet to Earth on December 3rd, when it go 'Opposition' on that night. It would be a great phenomenon to watch such as Astronomical event. The gas giant, will be the brightest celestial object on that day. On Opposition Earth will be about 609 millions Kilometers. A few weeks before and after the opposition on December 2012, Jupiter will be very bright, reaching a visual magnitude of about -2.9.  

The Opposition is  astronomical event, when two celestial is in opposite to each other when viewed from a source point, mainly Earth. The Opposition of Jupiter, is when it appears opposite to the sun with respect to Earth. Opposition of Jupiter occurs once every 399 days.

To get the view this time to observe Jupiter, on this event with some fabulous scene of its great red spot and Jupiter’s four largest moons namely Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. To get good view there is requirement of a telescope with a magnification of 40 times or above is preferred in observing Jupiter.

 Opposition of Jupiter from 2010 to 2020


  1. nice article man! I feel if i can watch such events if i had a good magnifier telescope

  2. Thanks for this information.I watch the stars a lot.I have seen that Jupiter is almost opposite to the Sun nowadays,shall watch tomorrow.

  3. some event are lifetime to watch these are such..... i had not a great view but good to see this

  4. i had a seen this, was excllent


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