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Friday, July 27, 2012

Google Doodle for Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony

Google made Doodle for the Olympic 2012 Opening ceremony, which going to take place today at London.
 The Doodle represented the athletes from the various sports includes Football, Racing, Gymnastics etc. When user click on the Doodle it will shows the result related the London Olympics 2012. Search page have the power of recently launched Knowledge Graph about the Olympic 2012 which included the Schedule of the list of the sports to be played for the every day of the Olympic events.

Updates : Google had made the Doodle for the 2nd day of the Game as well with  game of Archery the theme for the game played today on Olympics. They have also provided the link for the updates of Olympics through Google with following tages  "The Games have begun. Follow the London 2012 Olympic Games".
The link contains information about medal tally for upto 15 countries, some of the posts from Google+ and the host Google searches. 

Note : Type "london 2012 medal count" in Google to see top 3 medal leader countries. 


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