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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two step entrance test for IIT from 2013

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The most prestigious institute of INDIA for engineering, IITs changing the pattern for the entrance test which it called JEE(Joint entrance test). In a joint meeting at the IIT Council, NIT Council and IIIT Council on Monday,  with the decision was taken, all centrally-funded engineering institutions, including the Indian Institutes of Technology, National Institutes of Technology, will have to take place through a two-step common entrance examination from 2013. Also for the first time, the score of  Class XII board results will be considered in selection process. The decision was due  to demand of IIT for seprate way of selecting the merit students. 

All  aspirants  who will appears for the JEE, will have to go through the two exam - main and advanced. Along with the JEE, class XII board examination results will count for admissions. This is made show that IIT would participate in one test policy which they have rejected previously. 

How it going to work?

  • IIT will not follow the only the  Class XII score but uses their own system to carve the students. 
  • Equal weightage would be given to  Class XII score and JEE (main), which will filtered about 50,000 students nearly 20-30% of the aspirants.
  • The students who got short-listed in the JEE (advanced) test, will only be considered for the admission.
  • The merit list of candidate to get admission to the IITs will be prepared based on their performance in the JEE (advanced) exam. 
  • Finally, the weightage of 40% to  Class XII score,  30% each to  JEE (main) and  JEE (advanced) will be considered for the admission for the other central funded institutes.
Though the selection cateria would be different for IIT and other institutes, the counselling will be done  jointly and the allotment of seats will be done together.

Source : Economic times.

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