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Monday, April 16, 2012

Create blinking Cars Headlight with Photoshop

How to make the head light of car blink like the below. First is the image of car and second the image with headlight blinking. So we can get this effect by applying simple trick on Photoshop. I will show, how we can apply lens flare to generate the effect like below.

Step 1 : Open the image of car or other vehicles in Photoshop, now use Ctrl + j or (Cmd + j on mac) to duplicate the layer. You can do it by right clicking on the layer and choose Duplicate layer option.

Step 2: Now go to Filter->Render and select Lens Flare. As you choose the Lens Flare, a small pop-up window will appear with image in it.

Step 3: In that window on the image click on the any headlight of the car, a plus sign will appear adjust to middle it on the car's headlight. Select the lens type as "105 mm Prime" and adjust brightness according to you car, probably between 70-80. Click ok, you will see the light on the headlight of the car, repeat the process for the other headlight in same manner.

After applying the lens fare to both the headlight, you will see the image with lights on both of the headlight something like the below.

Step 4: Now go to menu, in window menu check the Animation. At below, you will see the animation frames with one frame having image of car in it.

The frame will looks like below

Step 5:  Duplicate the layer by creating the a new layer using the layer at the bottom of panel. Also click on the Once and change it to Forever, and changes the time on each frame from 10 sec to 0.5 sec.

Step 6: As we have two layer one with Lens flare applied and other not.Now we will apply animation to these layers. Next move is to click on the frame 1 and unchecked the visibility of the copied layer in the layer platte. After that, select the frame 2, make the copied layer visible now.

On the Animation Frame, you can click on the play button to see the effect that show blinking, as it animate from one frame to another with one having light and other not, thus creating the blink over the headlight. You can changes the time value but 0.5 sec it best or choose which is best creating the blink.

We have finished the effect by applying the lens flare effect and animation over the image, we have the picture of the car with headlight blinking. But Job not done yet, we need to save it in proper way to keep the photo blinks and we can save it in the way to retain the effects. Normal saving will not retain the efffect.

To save the photo go to file, select Save for Web & Devices, a window will appear with some setting to do but don't care about those just click on the ok button and choose the destination to save it.

Other example of the effect

Below is more interactive video tutorial for the same process.


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