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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Remove Facebook Timeline with Socialfixer Extension

Facebook had rolled out Timeline for every user. Most of us didn't like it. Facebook forced user to accept it, there is no way of getting it off.  There is no direct way of getting timeline layout be removed. But with Socialfixer user can remove timeline as suggested on Lifahcker.

Download Add-ons, extensions for your browser - Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Grease-monkey from Socialfixer. Install it on your browser and it will remove the Timeline. See the video below for the demo on the Google Chrome.

This Extension will only simplifies you profile, can't bring back the old profile layout. Since Socialfixer, provides many of the feature which many might not like it so for that clearly go through the instructions and unchecked all the other options that is not required.


  1. I have to assume that you're not a native English speaker because that grammar is terrible, but I can't thank you enough for leading me to Social Fixer. It has made facebook way more fun.

  2. It never going good with this one also


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