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Friday, February 17, 2012

Google Goggles added currency recognition

Google Goggles is a sophisticated search tool which scan image and search for it on web. Since it launch in 2009, it had gone through many improvement, added many useful features like recognizing the book covers, logos, works of art, barcodes, music labels, sudoku puzzles etc. This helps in recognizing the many different images. For this Google had partnered with many- museums like the Getty MuseumMetropolitan Museum of Art.
Google added  currency recognition in Google Goggles, which will recognize about 45,000 different types of currency from more than 300 countries. Now user can upload any picture of banknote to get the information about it.

Google Goggles not only recognize the current currency note but also some of the old outdated currencies that are no longer in circulation, like the Italian lira and French franc.


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