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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Android gets Google Chrome

Google Chrome one of the fastest growing browser which leave behind in other browsers in speed since it launch in 2008 is now available for Android as well.

In a blogpost Google announced the Chrome browser for the Android devices.  The Android beat is only  for the phones and tablets that are running on the latest Android 4.0, the ICS (ice cream sandwich).  It is much faster then the Android inbuit browser. It has all the features including simple UI, omnibox,  tabbed browsing, incognito mode, synchronization etc.

New tab view allow to see the opened tab once and also the stacks of the opened tabs with number indicating how many are still opened.

With the Google accounts user can synchronizes the favourite sites, bookmarks, auto-fills, password from the pc to phone and the vice versa. It also allows to transfer of the sessions. The chrome options are more viable which are simple to access as well as more featured oriented. User can also enable private mode as well saving pages for offline reading. Bookmarks of phones as well as the imported bookmarks from other pcs are kept separately.

The chrome for Android still lacks few of the features like the desktop-website. Chrome no doubt will sooner replace the traditional browser but it all time knows. While it still only available for ICS other devices will have to upgrades to have the Chrome.


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