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Monday, January 30, 2012

Google Developed Android apps are most used in INDIA

The Android apps developed by Google is more used by users in INDIA. In a research conducted by Nielsen Informate, which they states in the blog-post, INDIAN smartphone users spend about 25% of time on the Google developed Androids apps.  In Google dominance, in  it's own apps, Android market lead which is followed by You Tube and Gmail. 

Google dominates the  5 out of 7 apps category (genres)  as said in the survey results. Google maps, You  Tube, Gmail, search and Android  market apps lead thire respective categories, while Facebook leads in the Social Networking and Nimbuzz in Chat apps categories respectively. 

In terms of time spend Still Google dominates in all except in the Social Network and Chat category. In Social Network Offcourse Facebook dominates, Google only able to grab a percent. 

Similar pattern is seen in the different age groups. Google apps dominates uniformly over all age groups among the smartphone users.  
Survey though give most of the details but, it failed to explained about the how apps in other platform performs. It is also stated about the apps uses in different platform by INDIANS. Comparison of platform as well apps is not provided.

While Nokia's Symbian is most popular smartphone in INDIA, but Android is giving it tough competition. ios devices still need to make foot step in INDIA, they are too much expensive which leading them down. While we can find good ranges of Smartphone based on Android which stars as less as Rs 5000.


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