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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yahoo's new group messaging apps 'Hub' unveiled for Android


Yahoo had unleashed it's new group messaging app for the android. The apps from yahoo let users to freely sent text messages and have the group conversation with other yahoo users. It is similar to the Blackberry Messenger app and may give little competition to it. This service is still available in limitation, only yahoo user in Canada, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, United States and Vietnam  can have it.

Features of Hub
  • Group messaging with many users.
  • Free SMS to Hub and other mobile users (both local and international).
  • To easily view and add user (participants) to any conversation thread .
  • Easy to switch b/w private messaging to group messaging. 
  • Provided the push notification about the conversations.
  • Download free from Android market (Android 2.1+).

The service is still in beta like other mobile apps of yahoo. Also those user who don't have Hub can receive the message and can reply via their own message service. While the apps is free but, message recipient  may have to pay for the received message. This service can currently be avail by those users who have a U.S. SIM card.


  1. Now Yahoo too in market!
    Well Yahoo should have done it bay before, anyway late but make it, that's important.

  2. @Kundan
    Well you are right yahoo took the step very late. Anyway it good step and it might boost their value in market.

  3. Fuck yahoo they not going to give anything proper. Yahoo never gon mess with Blackberry, they out of stand

  4. badrinath k You should be proper in using those f-words. Well the time will tell waht gon happen to hub and it's completion to Blackberry Messenger.

  5. Great post mate, I run with a similar set-up, a local sim on a throwaway phone, I do rely heavily on Wifi to stay in touch with home though, skype, Viber and emails.


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