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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

See Google Plus Circles in your Gmail Contacts

The users that have new Google user interface then  we will account something new in their Gmail or Google Contacts. This new thing is about the Google Plus circles that is shown with each of the contacts. See the picture below.
 Google Plus Circles in Gmail Contacts

Old version:
Some one would give you their email address, you'd add it to contacts, if it was a gmail address it would pull the image (if they were sharing it with you). That's all you got.

New version:
If you have their gmail email you still have any data you have added, but what you now have is any data they have added to their Google Profile.
This includes any data they are sharing publicly; gives people much more incentive to complete their profile.
Note: I would expect data shared just with you (either to you or to a circle you are in) to show too, but would need to test that further at this point.

Why is this interesting?
Remember that contacts is basically how Google knows your connections: people you have "circled" are added to contacts under "other contacts".

Circles appear in the new version of contacts as well as any contact groups you have made in the past.

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  1. I had the circles in my gamil but i don't want to show them how to hide it?

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