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Friday, November 25, 2011

Finally Google Wave will die out on 30th April 2012


Google wave, which was allow user to collaborate and communicate in real time was already a failed product from Google. A year ago in Aug 2010, Google announced that it will not go with Google Wave as separate product. They also mentioned that they will keep the site until end of year 2010. Since then nothing had done this failed product.

Today, Google announced the specific date to kill Google Wave. The Google wave will end on  30th April 2012, with user are allowed to export the waves in the PDF format before this date. First Google will make the Wave read only from 31 January, 2012 of which no user will able to post or share anything.

Google Wave was never expected by users and was supposed to be too much advance. Well it was one of the service that Google put off. At the time of discontinuing the service Google CEO, Schmidt said that they celebrate their Failures and now it time time to have that again.

Mean while, those who still want continue with it can opt of other wave services like Apache Wave, which one of the open source project on it. Apache Wave was build as Google discontinued it's wave product and it go on the similar platform as of Google wave.

The last date of user to collect their wave is 30th April 2012, and to make it easy Google had a tool for them to export. Walkaround, an open source project allow user to export the wave data. Well nothing the Wave will works as Google has it new tool to promote, it's ambitious social network so called Google+. 


  1. Well one day it had to happen, as wave is replaced with Google Plus and is getting nose in each of the Google products.

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