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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Create the Posters online with Posterini

People loves posters, but all of us are not a geek who can desgin it with our own. Here is an online tool that allow each of us to bring out our creativity and put it on the sheet.
Posterini is an online tool that allow user to make posters and share it on Facebook and Twitter. It had also Facebook apps available.
How to go for it?

Just go to the Posterini and upload the image from which you want to make the poster. Now choose the proper layout style according to your taste and the requirement. For example if you make poster for travelling purpose use "travel magazine" or choose "comedy movie" for funny one!.

Second step is to select the art filter which ranges from "Nature green" to "old times". Choose as fit the layout and the purpose with good combination of layout and image. Third step is to add trancition style what they called "magic". 

Finally use custom setting to add and change the  text and image and their position on the poster. The process is simple with dragging the elements from one point to other. Font and the font style like color and size are also can be changes. After doing all the stuff, just make the finishing and click on generate to get your poster. Either share it or have download it on your computer.

It is a just simple poster creation like professionals within few minutes. How you like it? Put about it in your comment.


  1. Nice too to have ... i tried and it work awesome!

  2. Your quality work is really praiseworthy, but as I felt, that if you had used some pencil colors, it would have been very good and its looking would also been increased. Nevertheless, I liked your concept.


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