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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Half of the videos online served by You Tube

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 The You Tube is one of the greatest way of watching the online videos with wide varieties of taste. Though we have many video sites  as well as many of the sites that have their own way of showing videos. Many keep thier on database too store the videos and let user view them on their website. Even thought these site have grown up they didn't threat You Tube even a little bit. According to comScore’s Video Metrix report for September, nearly half of videos viewed online in september were delivered by Google owned You Tube.

About 39.8 billions of videos were watched online last month, of these 18.6 billions come from You Tube. Considering the amount of time spent on You Tube it is around 378 minutes (6.3 hours) which is followed by Hulu which count 180 minutes(3 hours). Also music videos are more famous and have great amount of views.

Since it's not that suprise but You Tube will get some comptetion with the increase in the popularity and use of of like Net Flix and Hulu. Let see how much these steal the share from You Tube.

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