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Friday, October 28, 2011

Final Year Project on KTR an Efficient Key Management Scheme

About the Project

KTR an Efficient Key Management Scheme for Secure Data Access Control in Wireless Broadcast Services
Wireless broadcast is an effective approach to disseminate data to a number of users. To provide secure access to data in wireless broadcast services, symmetric key-based encryption is used to ensure that only users who own the valid keys can decrypt the data. Regarding various subscriptions, an efficient key management to distribute and change keys is in great demand for access control in broadcast services. In this paper, we propose an efficient key management scheme (namely KTR) to handle key distribution with regarding too complex subscription options and user activities. KTR has the following advantages. First, it supports all subscription activities in wireless broadcast services. Second, in KTR, a user only needs to hold one set of keys for all subscribed programs, instead of separate sets of keys for each program. Third, KTR identifies the minimum set of keys that must be changed to ensure broadcast security.
Algorithm / Technique used:

Symmetric Key Management Algorithm.

Algorithm Description:

This section identifies the alternative algorithms and modes that shall be used when symmetric key management is employed, to encrypt data encryption keys (DEKs) and message integrity check (MIC) values. Character string identifiers are assigned for incorporation in encapsulated "Key-Info:" header fields to indicate the choice of algorithm employed. When symmetric key management is employed, the symmetrically encrypted DEK and MIC, carried in the third and fourth arguments of a "Key-Info:" header field, respectively, are each represented as a string of contiguous ASCII hexadecimal digits.


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