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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blogger to linked with Google+

Google doing quite a job in process of integrating it services with Google+, the new social site from serach gaint. After it test of "Add to circle" in search results, it was then time of it's blogging platform the Blogger. We had alredy more of the Google services in the intergation with Google+ like of You Tube.

Blogger user now viewing a message "Connect Blogger to Google+ : Use your Google profile and get access to upcoming Google+ features on Blogger". See the pic belowThis is pop up only for the user with new interface or blogger in draft. What feature is to be added up is not  known but something is cooking well. Learn More Link will take user to this  which shows an support page. When some one  click on the Get started it will take you to (may not be) the blogger profile with .g at end in url.

Soon  we see the removal of Google friend connect and will have new Google+ comment as what we have Facebook comment. This mean like Facebook, Google+ will support the commenting by an user with an real account to prevent spam. Already the Google Friend connect Forum has been closed.


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