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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rahul Dravid made his farewell debut in T20

Rahul Dravid farewell debut T20

Rahul Dravid "the wall" made his first appearance in International T20 from his country INDIA against the England at Manchester on 31st Aug 2011. This is also his last match in his career of short form of the Game as he alredy announced the retirement. Rahul who had not played and never was a part of INDIAN T20 squad made his debut. He scored 31 of 21 balls with 3 huge sixes at good strike rate of 147.61.
His 3 consecutive sixes was a great show from him and was superb show from the Mr. Dependable who supposed to be not fit in the T20. He scored well and proved that he can do his duty very well it doesn't matter what form of the game is going on. His recent performance in the test series made him appear for this match. Also injury to Gambhir and other players made it possible. He utilized the opportunity and did his best. As he had made came back in ODI hope he do better there too. 


  1. interestingly he made his debut but what about team which lost the match?

  2. @Arun if other batsman didn't do well than what he can do? Ask dhoni why he didn't scored?

  3. @kapil you are right other player didn't played well but you must not be so harsh to dhoni


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