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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Worst Test defeat for INDIA



INDIA Losing to England at Edgbaston just not only lost their No1 ranking in test but also recorded their third worst defeat in the history the test Cricket. 

Here is the 5 worst defeat INDIA had faced in Test cricket. 

  • Lost to West Indies at Calcutta*, 1958-59 by an inning and 336 runs
  • Lost to England  at  Lord's, 1973-74 by an inning and 242 runs
  • Lost to England  at Birmingham, 2011 by an inning and 242 runs
  • Lost to Sri Lanka at Colombo, 2008 by an inning and 239 runs
  • Lost to Australia at Brisbane, 1947-48 by an inning and 226 runs


  1. the record will be rewrite after final testthe record will be rewrite after final test

  2. worst is yet to come

  3. what will happen in the fourth test?
    will this match mark the top spot here?
    i am wishing that not to happen but.........


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