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Friday, August 5, 2011

Preview pane in Gmail lab

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Gmail had introduced a new feature "Preview pane" in the labs, which allow Gmail user to have a full snippets of the emails. This feature is similar to the Gmail in the ipads. The Lab feature allows user to have a little look of all the emails and switch back to other easily without going to the inbox again and again. Hence user can browse the emails in inbox , while they are viewing and replying.

preview pane

To enable this feature user need to change the setting in the Gmail labs. After enabling the Preview Pane a Toggle button will appear in the right of the Gmail.  This allow user to change the list view to  Preview and vice versa. If your Button pointing leftward with lines then you are using Preview and when using list it will show lines upward. The Button also have three optional Drop down menu.

preview pane toggle button
The Drop down menus means as 
1. No split: This allow user to disable the preview no splitting of screen will be there.
2. Vertical Split: Split the Screen vertically to allow preview of the email.
3. Horizontal Split: Split the Screen horizontaly to allow the preview.
Though both vertical and Horizontal preview is allowed but most of us will usauly go for vertical view as it look quite pretty than the horizontal one.
preview pane

preview pane in Horizontal

One more point to be noted here that is the preview timeout which is by default set to 3 sec but user can change it from the General tab setting. But unfortunately only fewer options are there which include immediately, 1 sec, 3 sec and never. So little more option should be there at-least upto 5 sec they should put out to choose.

As Google had decided to shutdown the Labs it is amazing to see this announcement on the blog, will this feature will became the permanent feature or not that time will tell but surely Google is speeding the Gmail with new attractive features. Google is gearing up its email service so that it can cop on its rival do you think so put your comment. 

Via Gmail Blog 

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