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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google doodles showing last theorem founded by Pierre de Fermat's on his 410th birth aniverssary

Google Doodle dedicating Pierre de Fermat's on his 410th birth aniverssary

On the 410th birth anniversary of famous French  mathematician Pierre de Fermat, Google is showing a special Doodles which is based on the Pierre de Fermat's last theorem.

The Doodle is featuring fainted Google logo, with the Pierre de Fermat's theorem written on the black board with chalk. The logo of Google has been incorporated in such a way that it looks that it has been erased. If you click the doodle, it will take you to Google search page with search keyword 'Pierre de Fermat'.

More about the doodle is that Google made it little funny. Pierre de Fermat in his copy of book  Arithmetica "I have discovered a truly remarkable proof but this margin is too small to contain it",  wrote on the margin. To copy mark  it Google Doodle shows "I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this theorem, which this doodle is too small to contain." when user mouse-over it.

Google Doodle showing Fermat's line in funny way

The  Fermat's last theorem which is his best known work  is too called as Fermat's great theorem. It states that  'no three positive integers x, y, and z can satisfy the equation xn + yn = zn where n is an integer greater than two'. 
i.e  xn + yn ≠  zn  for n>2 , x>0, y>0 

Pierre de Fermat was born on  17 August 1601 and died on January 12, 1665. He was a lawyer as well as mathematician. He studied at University of Toulouse and Bordeaux.Fermat was the first person known to have evaluated the integral of general power functions.  Most of his theorem had no proof and so Gauss and other mathematician doubt on him but Isaac Newton wrote that his own early ideas about calculus came directly from Fermat's way of drawing tangents


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