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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TET(Teacher Eligibility Test ) form in muzaffarpur the cruel face of unemployment


One of the biggest problem on our country is the unemployment. Today as i had gone to bb collegiate in muzaffarpur where the TET form was getting sold, i feel the real face of unemployment.
The TET(Teacher Eligibility Test ) forms is to be sold from 11 to 13 july. There are 6 center where these forms will be sold .
Center's are
  1. DN high school                  8                               
  2. Marwadi inter school        7
  3. Aveda high school              7
  4. Mukheerji seminar            8
  5. Bb colligiate                     8
  6. Zila school                                    7

The number after center name  indicate the no of counters, thus we have 6 center with total of 45 counters. Counters are open from 9am to 3pm.  The cost is 100 for general and 50 for reserve category.  One person can take only single form. Security is there to control the mob. These forms can be filled and sumbitted from 28july to 6 august.
The Picture shows the population a large group who  wish to need a job for their future. There is to much rush to get a single form which even not give the guaranty for selection.
Well best of luck to all!!!!!!

Watch a video how security guards make the people not in line run 


  1. kya re eyye sab kya hai tu kya likh raha hai.... bekar hai ye this employment will not generated to many..........

  2. unemployment is curse for our nation

  3. people of bihar dealing with bad tuning of these opportunity
    many are buying more than one form as the error while fillining
    the restriction is worst part of it


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