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Friday, July 22, 2011

INDIA's biggest wins in the test Cricket

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  1. Madras(Now Chennai) 6-11 Feb 1952 against England : This is First win of INDIA in the histroy of Test cricket. Vinoo Mankand took 12 wkts while Pankaj Roy and Paul Umeriger Scored Century each to help In the victory. Captain : Vijay Hazare.
  2. Dunedin 5-21 Feb 1968 against the News Zeland : The First Victory out of INDIA, was possible due to Spinners. Irapali Prashana took 6 wkt for 94 runs amd Ajeet wadreker score 80, 71 in consecutive innings of the match. Captain : Mansoor Ali Khan Patoudi. 
  3. Port of Spain 1971 against West Indies: One of the biggest win as INDIAN team defeated the very strong team of Gary Shobers by 7 wkts. Deleep sirdesai scored 112 in in 1st inng while Gavaskar made 65 and not out 67. Captain : Ajeet Wadreker.
  4. Eden Garden Calcutta(Now Kolkata) 27-31 Jan 1975 against West Indies: INDIA lacking 2-0 behind in series make a good come back with Gundappa Viswanath hit 139 and Vijaydiyadi hit century in second inning. Debutant Madan lal show all around performance with best of 4/22 and Bisan singh bedi too contribute his magic of 4/52. Captain :  Mansoor Ali Khan Patoudi. 
  5. Port of Spain 7-12 Apr against West Indies: Golden year for INDIAN Cricket. A record of chasing in fourth inning of 404 was made. INDIAN achieve this victory due to Gavaskar 102 and Gundappa Viswanath 112.  Captain :  Bisan Singh Bedi
  6. Chennai 16-20 Jan 1980 against Pakistan: Stunning 166 by captain Knock by Gavaskar and 4-90 and 7-66 by Kapil Dev made possible the biggest win against thr arch rival.  Captain : Sunil Gavaskar.
  7. Kolkata 11-15 Jan 2001 against Australia: One of the most memorable victory in history of INDIAN cricket. After getting the follow on and trailled by 274 runs  INDIA mange to have victory by 171 runs . Laxman make 281 was star of the Match. Dravid also contributed with180. Harbhajan singh scored hatric along with 13 total wkts in match. Captain : Saurav Ganguli.
  8.  Multan 28-31 Mar 2004 against Pakistan: This test was first victory in Pakistan. Shewag Scored 319 and Sachin made 194 not out. Kumble took 6 for 72 runs. Captain : Rahul Dravid.
  9. Johannesburg 15-18September 2006 against South Africa: A low scoring match with fast track but INDIA was able to beat poteas by 123 runs. Srishant took 8 wkts while Laxman boost score with 51 and 73.  Captain : Rahul Dravid.
  10. Perth 16-19 Jan 2008 against Australia: This match was Famous for the Racisial comment's by Harbhajan as Australian complaint. He say "bander" to symond. Also the series was famous for the wrong playing attitute of Australian. This victory was ans to all. Rahul dravid make 93 laxman 79 while Rp singh 4/68 and Irfan Pathan 3/54 help in Victory.  Captain : Anil Kumble.

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