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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The History of Test Cricket from 1st test to 2000th test(Spare of 100 tests)


  • 1st Test

The First (official)Cricket test  was played on 15-19 march 1877 between Australia and England at Melbourne to. In this test match Australia had defeated England by 45 runs. The Series was leveled by England to 1-1 later in second match of 2 match series.

  • 100th Test

This was played at Sydney Australia vs England  from 21-27 February 1908. Traper hit century.

  • 200th Test

Played at Johannesburg, South Africa vs England

  • 300th Test

At Lords in 1948,  Australia defeated England by 409 runs

  • 400th Test

INDIA pakistan clash at karachi , in this match Gs ramchand has taken 6 for 49. This was draw and the record for all match as draw in this series as all 5 has been drawn.

  • 500th Test

Australia played west indies at melbourne in december 1960.

  • 600th Test

From 28 jan to 1 feb 1966 at Adelaide, Australia  beat England.

  • 700th Test

13 to 18 july 1972 Nottingham Australai vs England, match was draw.

  • 800th Test

The match was celebration of 100 years of test cricket where Australia beat England by 45 run. Suprise was that Australia beat England by same margin of runs as they did in the first test.

  • 900th Test

England and West Indies,  march 1981 Bridge town Famous for Michael holding who bold geforry boycott after a troubling five ball, in the last one.

  • 1000th Test

Pakistan vs  News Zeland, hyderabad sind  in 25 -29 nov 1984.  Javed Miandad hits century in both the inning of match.

  • 1100th Test

England West Indies at Manchester.  Kirtny abmbross rose from it.

  • 1200th Test

 INDIA vs South Africa at durban, 13 to 17 nov 1992. After 1970 it was 1st test by South Africa at thier home country. Omer henry became first black player for South Africa.  Tedulkar became 1st to get out of tv replay.

  • 1300th Test
England West indies in 1995.

  • 1400th Test

South Africa and Pakistan  feb 1998, a  record for last wkt patnership of 195 (still) b/w Boucher and Simkarkax

  • 1500th Test

At Buckingham, West Indies and England.Courtney walsh in 2000 made his 450 wkts

  • 1600th Test

Pakistan vs News Zeland lahore Inzmam hit triple century and  News Zeland  lost by 324 runs.

  • 1700th Test

2004 England vs News Zeland at lords,  Andrew hits century in the match.

  • 1800th Test

In this test 1226 run made and only 21 wkt was lost.

  • 1900th Test

West Indies and News Zeland, where Gayle made 197 of 326 balls.

  • 2000th Test

INDIA is playing England at Lords. This is also the 100th Test between the two Nation.


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