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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day : what you gifted to your mother?

Today is mother's Day, a day which has been dedicated to the lady who bring all of us to this world. I can just say "Mother is Gift which God had given to us". We must respect our mother and fulfill all her dream. Today many of us have gifted our  mother different varieties of gift. Many would had given chocolates, cards, other materials like Saree and other wearable items, jewelery. Many I had seen celebrated this day by posting their close loving picture with mother on Facebook. It too is a nice way to show love for her.
What I did till now? I not even call her!
It not strange as in INDIA many of us even don't know about the Mother's Day. It is now spreading slowly but still is among the very high classes family and the one in colleges. Well not bad to have celebrate this day but why a day ? we must love our mother daily and one single day should determine it. Well all  a way to celebrate.
Happy Mother's Day to all. 


  1. well kab se yaar we love our mother need not a day to express like those western people!

  2. pura matlab thik se likhoooooooooooooooo

    well ha we all love our mother and not need to mention the last one!


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