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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ipl searched more in 2011 than in previous years



According to the Google trends the ongoing IPL has been searched more then it was done in the previous versions. The IPL 4 is more famous than the previous versions. According to the trends till today the the word 'ipl' has been searched more than in those of done previously in years 2008, 2009, 2010. The trend indicates that as from the beginning the current version out-rated the previous one, same is this year.
For the News values the IPL3 held in 2010 got more followed by IPL2. The News value of 2010  is much better than the all other years.
As about the countries INDIA is on the top list followed by UAE and South Africa. UAE account for about 35-40% of the search compared to INDIA, where as South Africa had less than 20% of the volume. Singapore is just little less than the South Africa. Among the cities it is surprise that a simple not so famous town calleMahape offcourse in INDIA top the list which is followed by Delhi and Mumbai respectively. For the International cities Abu Dhabi, UAE top listed at no 6th position. Other than English search has been made with Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Spanish in respective order. The volume for other languages is too less.
In INDIA the state which search ipl more is West Bengal followed by Delhi and Maharashtra. Here Calcuta topped (how?) followed by Mangalore and Surat. Also we had more seach in Delhi than in New Delhi.
Google Search trend says that IPL4 has been searched more than the other versions. Ipl1 has never been searched, user likely to use ipl insted of ipl1. The ipl2 and ipl3  had half the volume of the search made for the ipl4. The trend shows that ipl4 is likely to be searched more  and much more as compared to others in Poland and UAE where they spot at no2 and no3 after INDIA. Mumbai is on the top followed by Delhi for the search. In all city ipl4 make the mark.


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