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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Apple is Now most valuable Brand Defeating Google

Apple has defeated Google as the world's most valuable brand, who was leading at top for four consecutive years. This has been specified in the current annual BrandZ study of the world’s top 100 brands. Now Apple has more value in the mind of the consumers and the brand user. Apple has done very good job with captilization and development of the products and software it produces.
Apple has recently defeated Microsoft in the Profit now they took over the Google in the Brand value. It seems that Apple is growing faster and is doing well. As far as the the business is concern Apple is capitalizing  in the right Direction and everything going in their ways. Apple surely had make the mark in the Gadget and computer world with its products like iPod, iPhones, iPad and the Mac book. Apple Produces quality products and people use it with ease. The trust Apple had made to their products had made them a genius Company. Apple make the price worthy product and thus people move to take their products with great enthusiasm. It is surly that they will do better in future too. Good Luck!
Out of the top 10 list, six of them were from technology and telecoms companies. Google which was at first last year in now placed second, IBM at three, Microsoft at five, AT&T at seven and China Mobile at number nine.

Via Reuters


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