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Friday, April 8, 2011

Truely 10dulkar

Sachin with World cup Trophy
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , the full name of the God of Cricket. Sachin is not Known for Cricket rather Cricket is known for Sachin, such  a great player he is. After the World cup Victory i saw an interview of him which was quite inspiring and motivating. He was asked that all player want to win the world cup for him'. This is well known fact. He admitted to that as 'he told players the we all will win for each other' . In his twitter he too told  that"Lets hope this Team India achievement inspires every one to believe in their dreams n abilities" .Yes off-course Sachin this win will inspire all who dream and do deeds to make the dream come true. His  Word are great and he too is great!

Why sachin is known as Tendulkar

His jersey no 10
Age 37=3+7=10
height 5'5''=5+5=10
World cup after 28 years 2+8 =10
Winning date WC 2/4/2011 2+4+2+0+1+1=10
Str rate in WC 91  9+1=10
so Truely 10dulkar


  1. we all love 10dulkar

  2. yes every body who loves cricket or have interest in it love him......

  3. in the qoute u had written, there is mistake it would b 'known' instead of 'non' what u wrote there

  4. my goodness no 1 account that

  5. @kunal i made correction thankx for pointing it

  6. sachin is realy true person now with his century in ipl prove everything...........
    truely tendulkar

  7. amazing great word for him


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