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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Love to Mummy and Papa or meri jaan A.....

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I Love you Mummy and Papa.
Mother and Father are the biggest gift in our life and so they are in my life. Many ways my mother help me out and she nourish me from baby to the adulthood. She is best thing i got in my life. What more Ican say we have cherish very moment in our life. Many time time as I separated from her I had cried by remembering her.
 My tear fall by remembering the good food she used to serve and now how lonely she is, I never admire such thing about her. Many thing I like to ask her do. I want to give her alot of happiness what I can give. One of my aim is to give my first pay to her as tribute. I love you mummy.
What to say about my father i used to fear from him from my childhood. He did his best to provide me the best education from his comfortability. He make me a good learned person. His hard work is that what I am today. His money not worth but the emotion I have that worth much. I want to fulfill his dream and became a good engineer. I love you Papa 

I Love you too meri jaan A.....
Love is life and life without love is useless. I love her and I will.....what should I write she is most beautiful girl I ever seen. I like her nose and when she wear yellow suit she used to kill me out. She is well cultural and intelligent girl. I Love you A.....

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