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Friday, April 22, 2011

Difference in New and Old Dum Maaro Dum songs

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It has became fashion in Bollywood to spoil the old Songs. They did it often and is countless. Recent example is 'Dum Maaro Dum'songs from 'Hare Krishna hare Ram'. What happen to it? The song's new version in Movie with same name we saw the  lyrics crunched and thrown out of main stream. Lyrics makes no sense at all, useless and what more, the writer didn't know how to write a song better leave for other to do that job dude. Even the Song is not well composed and shameless words has been used in it. Why didn't they care the things for the great persons who had did their best to produce such jubilant thing. It hurts them, respect the work of those great legends.
Watch new version

Bad things in this songs- the starting words, unwanted words in lyrics, no originality,  singer goes woe, more show off than dance by deepika

Now watch the Classic 

See the difference your self in lyrics, music, singing, dance and everything.

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