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Saturday, January 1, 2011

नया साल २०११ सबको मुबरखो

May we all live prosperously in this new year 2011

The interesting fact of the date 1 Jan 2011 is that what we will  write 1.1.11 ha ha ha.... it quite amazing and fantastic
we also going to encounter 11 jan 20011 as we write it as 11.1.11
And the most unique one will be the 11th nov 2011 how?
Just guess we all will face the date as 11.11.11 and the time make more fascinating when  the time will be 11'o clock and 11 min.......
Wow that great time "11.11.11 11:11"
Let enjoy the live in this new year ..


  1. Happy new 2 u
    d stats u given is quite interesting

  2. hey dude y didn't u wrote more?
    i like to have interesting thing said above, come up with new thinks like that.

    One thing you miss in above about the 1st of nov which seems like 1.11.11 isn't that?

  3. thanx dude 4 dat u tel....well good luck

  4. well you haven't written any thingslong time now,i also want you to correct something in respect to your blog.
    On right hand side of the blog you have the fan facebook page of Chandrasekhar Azad whose title need to get corrected.It written chandra shekhar instead the both word in a single line without space.
    Atlast i wan say "azad ji amar rahe"
    "Bharat maata ki jai!"

  5. I had gone through your blog and seen it deeply as well commented where i fell to do so.
    I prefer you to not only write about your life but write something interesting specailly related to current affairs.
    keep blogging

  6. hey first u improve ur hindi knowledge

  7. hey man wats up?
    r u fine?
    well i commemted as you says but unable to sign in ok
    help me out ,mail me how i will?

  8. @kundan u r write i will correct it very soon n ur advice is welcome.
    give more to improve

  9. @rajat wat u said i din't hindi kya bola be......?

  10. unknow man u mail me i talk you there

  11. Rajeev kaise ho main ne join kar liya.
    Par yahøo se comment nahi ho raha hai -sivam

  12. yaar kya tumahar mood nahi raha internet se , hamesha online ko kya hua?


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