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Friday, November 26, 2010

Terrorism what we we are dealing?

Terrorist from pakistan come and kill our people and our leaders just say we will not leave.
First you capture them!
The leaders only work for the vote and only care of their family.If any of their family member would have died in the terrorist attack then they should have some thing to think. They care only families of their owns, make police tensioned if something happen to them and their family.They have no emotion for the public, terrorist come and kill and they instead taking action they just play with mouth and even politics on it.It shame on these leaders.
All knows pakistan is responsible for all the terrorist attack, even INDIA finding for evidence
and proof.  Whom to prove? what to prove? Is INDIA fear of america? Don't it?
Go hit pakistan or suffer like this.

All know there is people in pakistan of lashker are resposible for attack in Mumbai Taj hotel and even INDIA not taking any action.They are spending alots of money on kasab the bloody captured terrorist in the attack at Mumbai in 2008.Why INDIAN govt spending crores  of rupees on known culprit and many even not have money to eat.
Fuck the kasab ,hang him. It is quite injustice to the people which govt doing by keeping him alive and spending money of people of INDIA.
Fuck mother fucker pakistani kasab and hang the mother fucker.
We need justice, we need it.
Think leaders and have justice for victims.

Mumbai terrorist attack 2008 Taj Hotel
click the link for Mumbai attack documentary.
2008 Mumabi attack


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