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Monday, November 22, 2010

Google Hotpot

I recently got the news of Google new invention in social media.
Well as i got to know i used it then only, i fell every one like this and should use it very frequently.This new feature Google launches is "Hotpot" is a location based social media service which is useful in spotting your favorite place and rate them as u wish.This also give opportunity for the business growth and its advertisement.In Hotpot you are allowed to choose a place like school,colleges,restaurants,coffee shops,Hotels,picnic spot etc to be marked ,rate them and share them.
It is also a step to war over social networking by Google in the response of Facebook's email service which was supposed to be Gmail killer.Google likely to kill with this service the geo based social services like Foursquare and Gowalla.It is also to compete with the Facebook places.
I fell it will rock because of these reasons
1.Google give best of all it services
2.People have more trust on Google
3.Google has dominance over Map
4.Google is best
Well Give a try to Hotpot at this link
its tiny URL is
Give a try You will love it.


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