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Saturday, August 28, 2010

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It was the day yesterday i was in very bad mood as i felling i never going to get any thing. All have fun but i like dumb do nothing ............... I was so unhappy that even i did... not prayed GOD after the wash. Just at 9:30 around in evening i saw a post on my wall. I knew then that she is there online, so message her say sorry but no reply. At last i wrote that not to disturb n good night to her , i wan enclose a picture so i open google saying picture of sorry. I got a message it was from her i leave the content read the message and reply to her. I was too happy that she replied to me................... I wrote sorry to her encloses the picture here in right corner. I then get bathed and worship .......... It was fun GOD creates ....................... ha!!!!!!!!!! GOD want to let their followers to not withered so he do so. Thank GOD and thanks to facebook too. I got out of FB ,i then got another message which perhaps from her only i think so but i don't wan be a stupid this time so i not read and not play FB.

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