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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Useful Game Projects in OpenGL

Few of the Good games in Computer graphics project done using the OpenGL platform.

  1. Snake Xenzia : The popular mobile game in nokia phone is implemented where snakes grow by eating the food. Users are allowed to move the snake  with the keyboard interaction as like they do in the phone game.
  2. Memory block : This game is to test the memory of the user. 5 X 4 Blocks are made with each block hides some figure under it. User choose a block to see the figure if he selects the same in consecutive chance then the both block get opened.  
  3. Ludo board game : The popular board game of ludo is implemented but here for simplicity only the two player game has been developed. user can spin the dice when it's their turn and choose the button to play the system automatically make the turn for the user.
  4. Mancala board game : Mancala is a family of board games played around the world, sometimes called "sowing" games, or "count-and-capture" games, which describes the game-play. There are many version of this game one of the simplest version is developed. This project also includes the sounds when the use coins. 
  5. The edge game : Two level game is developed where user have to take the point from the start to the end without touching the boundary. The two simple path has been developed. More path can be added to make the project more lengthier and complex.


  1. Hi rajeev can I get done source code for four in a line game please..

  2. Hi rajeev can I get done source code for four in a line game please..

  3. Hi I need sourcecode for four in a line game

  4. Please can I get the sourcecode for four in a line game in opengl. please mail me

  5. hello sircan i please get the source code simple block game using opengl for my mini project.please do help me with id is

  6. hey rajeev plz send me source code for sorting algorithms

  7. hi... can u pls send me the opengl source code for snake xenzia to my

  8. One thing i want to make it clear - due to huge no of request i can't email everyone. Also i can't even see the comments for a long time to helps you all there is link in post.

    Post your suggestion, likes, dislikes, new projects etc but not about code as every project have it download link. GO through the link and download it. It's my appeal to you!

    If links is broken give it here or other problem mention what it is? Don't simply ask to email the code. Because it's not possible for me to reply each one.

    I Hope you understand the problem.

  9. sir can u please get me code for football game ..


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