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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rumour over, Google Drive out

Rumoured were going on in past few weeks, about the coming of Google Drive, the cloud storage from search giant, Google. There were alots of things coming, many leaks were made. Finally, Google end all those by introducing the Google Drive. In the blog post Google announced this today.

Google Drive is extension of Google Docs in Cloud, to store and collaborates the things in real time. User can create documents, spreadsheet etc and share it on the cloud. They are providing many types of files  to share on the cloud including the images, videos, docs, PDFs, Photoshop files, illustrators documents etc.  These files can be shared and accesses from any device.

Google Drive is offering a free space of 5GB, while one can extend by upgrading  to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month and 1TB for $49.99/month.

Google Drive is available to get installed on PC, Mac and there is app for Android devices while for the iPad and iPhones, iOS device the apps will come soon.

Some Cool features of Google Drive : 

  • Offcourse, users can create and collaborates in the real time. Share the files or folders with the other, choosing the access permission for them.
  • Make discussions, reply and post comments on them with the collaborators.
  • Attach links to Gmail, share photos directly to Google+ or attach in Gmail.
  • Google Drive supporting 30 types of files, there is no need of having the software for the each file types to be installed in the computer, the files can be easily opened in the browser it self.
  • With Image recognition feature - drag and drops the photos directly in to the drive.
  • Google provides the smart tagging, this allow to tag the files to search it latter easily.
  •  The technology of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allows to  recognize text in scanned documents. 
  • Maintains different versions of the file, in the cloud.
Try Google Drive today, share the things! go to the link

Update : Google is offering now 10GB of space for Gmail increasing it from previous 7GB, this came in effect of launch of Google Drive. The update will comes within 24 hours to all the users.


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