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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Google Analytics intoduce Flow Visualizations

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Google at   web 2.0 summit introduced a new dynamic idea in the Google Analytics "Flow Visualization”.

"Flow Visualization” will allow Google Analytics user to monitor the data graphically and instantly. This will allow the site owner to access more information about their user in a more peculiar way.

From this week onward “Visitors Flow” and “Goal Flow”  will be  rolled out and more of the Analytic Visualizations will addup soon.

Visitor Flow allow is graphical based representation of the visitors. This can be viewed on graph with user behavior based on location, browser, user type and the other parameters.

Meanwhile Goal Flow mean for monitor the visitor track, when they are followed the site and when they leave it based on the goal setup. It also the Graphical show on the behavior of the user on the site.

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