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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rahul Dravid master for INDIA in England series

Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid the man and the only man who was able to put fight against the England in the ongoing tour. In the four test matches he scored 3 centuries. He is the highest scorer for INDIA in the series. Let see Rahul Dravid performance in the England series.

1st Match 
               1st  inning
                                 Runs- 103*  balls- 220      4's- 15   strike rate- 46.81
               2nd  inning
                                 Runs- 36    balls- 93         4's- 5   strike rate- 38.70
2nd Match 

                1st  inning
                                   Runs- 117   balls- 235        4's- 15  strike rate- 49.78
               2nd  inning
                                   Runs- 6     balls- 12          4's- 1    strike rate- 50.00
3rd  Match

                1st  inning
                                 Runs- 22   balls- 68            4's-3   strike rate- 32.35
               2nd  inning
                                  Runs- 18    balls-39           4's-3   strike rate- 46.15
4th Match

                1st  inning
                                  Runs- 146*    balls- 266       4's- 20  strike rate- 54.88
               2nd  inning
                                  Runs- 13      balls- 32           4's-2   strike rate- 40.62

* indicate not out

Thus in the 8 innings of 4 matches Rahul Dravid made total of 461 runs at an average of 76.83.
He played 2nd and 4th test in both innings as an opener. In the 1st test he open the inning in the 2nd inning while in 3rd test he came in the first down in both the innings.
At lord's in first test it was his first century at mecca of cricket. Due to his Continuous two centuries he was dramatically selected in INDIAN ODI squard and there after he announced his retirement from ODI's and T20.


  1. well placed stats, u r likely big fan of rahul dravidwell placed stats, u r likely big fan of rahul dravid

  2. I think the BCCI and the controversy between Sehwag and Dhoni which is the cause behind Indian Cricket team loss in Test Series against Australia, and media has unnecessarily create hype for the senior players to go. Actually Dhoni should quit from Test Cricket who show his willingness to quit Test Cricket. This is not only the Drawid who had bad Test Series but also the other senior players and the junior players. Why BCCI and media forced Dravid to quit test cricket.

    According to me players like Sachin and Drawid are treasure of Indian Cricket and they should not be forced to quit like this. This is very bad that such a nice player of Indian Cricket has to quit like this. We will see how junior players or Dhoni or Sehwag will play like Drawad.

    It is very bad that Drawid has to go like this.

    1. You are right test cricket goes woe for INDIA as there was surely rift between Sehwag and Dhoni. Also the statement made by Gambhir about the finishing the match and reply of Dhoni to it was an evidence to it. Also hipe of Shewag captaincy after Dhoni get banned for one match. Dhoni has already say that he will quit test and that is what he will.

      I don't think that the tension among the team mate lead Dravid to quit nor the performace, he already mentioned in his retirement speech he want to open gate for Youngster. Well you can see the video in the post.

      Dravid Retirement Speech Video


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