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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bihar election result

Today Bihar assembly poll result was out.It was all Nitish who rocks and win 3/4 majority.
Bjp and Jd(u) win with great  margin of votes in the recently conducted assembly poll.Rjd and ljp down with thier  mouth.Though victory was aspected for Nitish but as such like in this way many not have dreamed of.No one have imagine that lalu will get down like this.
Even the major traditional seats were lost by rjd and they are now nowhere in this result.
Congress as usual is lame and will be lame in Bihar.Other party cpi or so too not got any thing in this election
This is not victory for vote but it is victory for trust.
Though i fell Nitish is cool even after victory but m...f... lalu still saying that there is some conspiracy behind, he will find out the suspense on Nitish victory within 1 Month.
The man who mad Bihar worst place will not even have shame and blaming other who do something.Lalu ruled Bihar 15 year but make development for his family only and ate all and every from we Bihari, because this bloody fellow Bihari are humiliated.They are supposed to be bad guys. I fell Lalu should be put on donkey and make him bald and move acrooss Bihar wearing shoes and should slapped With shoes every where by people and hang  brutally with the dog ramvillas.
When above said will done we all Bihari feel more proud.Well it is time for Ntish to not make fool of people trust and do good things ,let dog barks not mind it.

"Best of luck Nitish"

See result here

Party WonLeadingTotal
Bharatiya Janata Party91091
Communist Party of India101
Indian National Congress404
Janata Dal (United)1150115
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha101
Lok Jan Shakti Party303
Rashtriya Janata Dal22022


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