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Saturday, June 19, 2010

how deep i will go?

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IT wasn't true that once u fail u will do to get out of failure, failure teaches the ways of sucess. I never beleive that in i never will do so bcoz i am a dump bloody idiot who just never learn from past or so. I always deny;s my fault but it is only who i going deep n deep without owing of future . Atleast i should hav think of my father n mother. What about them ? thier dreams n ofcourse the hard work money. I felling that i m drown deep in ocean want to rise. Just think that i will rise but didn't try to do any. I am not learning from mistakes but drown more deep n deep of it so to become useless. The depth of the ocean i m drown in which perhaps of infinite , when will it end? god knows but wat about me?

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